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Youth charities provide HOPE

Native American children benefit from generous donations from people like you. Youth charities like Wings of Hope help provide winter coats to children like the ones in this picture. Please donate to Circle of Love Today!

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is unlike any other community in North America.

Oglala Lakota Native American children of Pine Ridge, SD live in some of the lowest, most impoverished conditions in the country.  Unemployment is alarmingly high, and most everyone lives below Federal poverty levels. Food options are limited, and proper medical care is even scarcer. Most Native American children on Pine Ridge reservation live without the most basic human necessities.

When donors and volunteers seek out Youth charities to bestow time, labor and funding, they often turn to third-world countries residing outside of U.S. borders. They forget that third-world conditions exist right here in the US, amongst our country’s first inhabitants.


Youth Chraities like Circle of Love benefit from your generous donations. Donate today to make a difference in the lives of native American children.Wings of Hope needs ongoing operational expenses to build the framework for the “Circle of Love” to properly care for the Native American children it serves.

If you or your organization can help, it would be greatly appreciated! Together, we can rise up a generation of forgotten Lakota youth that will foster hope and love for the next generation of Native American children.


Community Involvement

Youth charities require community-based agencies, faith-based organizations, civic organizations, businesses, foundations, youth and their families. When everyone works together, we can provide a wide range of resources to support high quality out-of-school programs.

Wings of Hope and the Circle of Love Children’s Shelter welcomes other Youth charities and programs in the community to collaborate with them to greatly improve the lives and well being of Native American children on the Pine Ridge reservation.

Wings of Hope will conduct annual meetings with revised resources to assure we are best covering the needs of the population.

Corporate Matching

Wings of Hope is a federally recognized 501 (c ) (3) non-profit charitable, humanitarian aid, and relief organization. With this designation, we are qualified to receive matching corporate grants. All donations are tax deductible.

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Youth charities benefit from people like you. Help improve the lives of Native American Children by donating to Circle of Love Today!